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    Example of container label

Cleaning Treatment for Spa and Hot tub filters


Panacea Pool and Spa care's famous filter cleaner available as a powder or liquid Why throw away good filters

this product Is a powerful cleaner and disinfectant that is gentle on the filter material itself.


Filters can be washed clean many times saving  a fortune in replacement filters.

Simply disolve the product in very hot water and soak the filter over night, then rinse the next day and pop the filter back into your hot tub.


Kills bacteria, viruses and algae which build up inside the filter and cause smells and discolouring.

Dissolves grease and dirt yet is kind to the filter material itself.

Contains powerful oxygen based cleaning agents, anti foaming agent and powerful detergent surfactants.

Brings most filters up like new, most filters can be cleaned tens of times before needing replacement, making your spa more economical to run and better for the environment through less dumping of waste filters.


Available as a powder or liquid.


Please note...we advise that you never clean filters in dish washers as the dishwasher chemicals (tablets or powder) are extremely caustic and abrasive and will destroy the fine filter material.


  • Powerful oxygen based system
  • Does not damage the fine filter material 
  • Available in 65g sachets, 1kg, 5kg containers
  • Dissolves grease
  • Breaks down organic particles
  • Kills bacteria and viruses
  • Uses combination of powerful biological enzyme action for dissolving grease/oil
  • An oxygen based agent for disinfection and breaking down of organic particles.
  • Contains biological detergent surfactants, anti foaming and other agents plus an optical brightener.