Specialised products

We Also manufacuture a range of more specialised but equally essential pool & Spa care products. Please follow the links below for full details.

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    Non Chlorine Shock

    Panacea's OxyShock Sparkle Brand of chlorine free shock keeps pool & Spa water crystal  clear and easier to maintain.

    In addition to this we offer a unique product called Magic OxyBlue which is a combination of shock, algaecide and ph buffer.

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    Spa\ Hot tub Filter Cleaners

    Powerful filter cleaning action, Gentle on filter material.

  • Spa & Hot tubs Internals cleaner and flush

    Powerful cleaner designed specifically for cleaning smelly sludge, fats, bacteria and algae from the pipes and inner workings of Spas & Hot tubs at each water change.
    Also disinfects the spa internals to keep your spa hygenic and free from smells.

  • Spa & Hot tub surface and cover cleaner

    Non Corosive spray cleaner specially designed to be gentle on spa surfaces of all types and in particular metalised chrome fittings.

    Highly effective against scale. easily tackles water line dirt.

  • Spa Scents

  • Paddling pool treatment sachets