About us

Panacea Pool & Spa care has been supplying products to the UK market place since 1997.

As a family run business we pride ourselves in providing the highest levels of friendly customer service.

Since we have low overheads and operating costs we can provide incredibly good value products with great availability along with low cost custom labelling if required.

We do things a little differently than most other suppliers in that we pay attention to and respect all our customers and potential customers alike.

Right from the first time you contact us you will find working with us easy! We know from past experience what it's like dealing with UK suppliers and manufacturers...often like 'trying to get blood out of a stone'. Well, we guarantee that won't be the case with us.

From our industrial unit based in north Manchester we manufacture a range of both traditional and unique chemicals, cleaning products and maintenance kits.

Due to the experience gained procuring our own equipment we can now help others in the UK that want to set up there own packing lines. In particular, we specialise in the importing and commisssioning of vertical for feed and seal machines VFFS.








Services include: UK based wholesale retail distributor of bulk swimming pool chemical supplies supplier  for both the UK & Europe. Importation, Distribution  and Maintenance of packing machinery, VFFS vertical form feed and seal machines. Specialist packing of low, medium and high volumes of non food powders and liquids. Sachet filling machines for sale sachet filling service. container fillng service. Above ground swimming pool &  inflatable swimming pool chemical kit manufacturer and supplier.